McCormick & Associates, Inc represents the finest manufacturers of fluid power components and connectors. With a focus on small family owned companies, our manufacturers offer quality lines which are competitively priced and offer outstanding customer service.

Legend Valve

Legend Valve
Brass, Steel & Stainless Ball, Check & Valves

Phone: 800-752-2082 Fax: 800-835-4457

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean Technologies
System for cleaning the ID of Hose, Pipe & Tubing.

Phone: 800-791-9111  Fax: 856-453-4975

Fittings Unlimited

Fittings Unlimited Inc.
Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass & Tube Fittings & Adapters

Phone: 800-348-8467 Fax: 817-860-8517

Specialty Saw

Speciality Saw
Replacement Saw Blades & Hose Cut-off Machines

Phone: 800-255-0772 Fax: 860-651-5358

Spectronics Corporation

Spectronics Corporation
Fluorecent Leak Detection and Diagonstic Tools for Industrial Systems

Phone: 800-274-8888 Fax: 800-491-6868

Gasoila Chemicals

Federal Process- Gasoila
Thread Sealant, Teflon Tape, Cleaning Supplies, Penetrates & Lubricants.  Also manufacturers the Venom Sealant Line.

Phone: 800-846-7325  Fax: 800-797-2080


Spill Absorbent InstaZorb™ is the most advanced, extremely lightweight and easy to transport absorbent on the market  It is all natural, sound solution that enhances safety in the workplace and is not hazardous to the environment

Phone: 302-521-0125

Freedom Hydraulics

Freedom Industrial Hydraulics is a hydraulic manufacturer of high pressure 10,000 psi industrial lifting equipment. FIH products are built for durability and toughness and are backed by the FIH limited lifetime warranty. Our engineering capabilities and manufacturing processes allow us to design and build quality products for applications where cylinders and pumps are used. If the job requires pushing, pulling, lifting, pressing or holding, FIH will work with you to meet your needs and specifications.

Phone 816-541-3243 Fax: 816-541-3246

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pipe for the Compressed Gas Market

Phone: (602) 362-7473

 United Pacific Distributor

United Pacific Distributors
Industrial Hose Accessories and Assemblies

Phone: 866-913-0336 Fax: 866-280-2300