O1 Monel Fittings

Omega One is your source for exotic special fittings. We offer the fastest deliveries in the industry. Omega Oneproduced a series of special Monel fittings for a customer.
This project contained four different configurations, BSPT by JIC, and BHJS-16
Two fitting were manufactured to hold 5,000 PSI at a 4:1 safety factor, a 1 1/2″ JIC Flare Fitting 45 degree Swivel Elbow and a 1 1/2″ swivel straight thread connector Thread End Reducer (TER).
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Ultra Clean Introduces a “Game Changer”

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Ultra Clean Technologies will be introducing their new Carousel AutoLoader at IFPE next week. Come to booth S82234 to see it in Action!
Designed by Ultra Clean Technologies from the ground up, the Carousel AutoLoader offers the following advantages:

  • Automatic projectile loading, firing, and verification.
  • Removes internal contamination from hoses, tubes or pipes quickly and efficiently in a production environment.
    •   Ideal for high volume production cells making hose or tube assemblies.
    •   Fully intergratable in automated tube manufacturing
    •   Verifies projectile has exited hose, tube or pipe and entered the Containment Barrel along with expelled contamination.
    •   Cleans hoses, tubes and pipes with an internal diameter of 1/4” inch (6mm) through 1” inch (25mm).
  • Plus many more!

Spectroline Introduces Fluid Safe!

Spectroline Introduces Fluid Safe!

Spectroline’s FluidSafe™ hydraulic fluid additive is a revolutionary product (U.S. and foreign patents pending) that was developed within the fluid power industry to improve worker safety and reduce operating costs. It is specially designed to aid in the detection and surgical removal of hydraulic fluid in the event of accidental high-pressure fluid injection under the skin.

Come talk about Spectroline’s Fluid Safe from at IFPE in Booth S81441

When viewed under high-intensity blue light (450 nm), FluidSafe’s bright green fluorescent glow can be seen under the skin, enabling the quick detection of an injection injury on site. This not only allows triage of cases not requiring surgery, but also helps pinpoint the exact location of hydraulic fluid under the skin, assisting in limiting soft tissue dissection required during surgery. The green fluorescent response will remain visible in the tissue for at least 24 hours, with no ill effects to the human body.

Another benefit of Spectrolines’ FluidSafe is that it helps detect leaks in fluid power system hoses, fittings, seals and other components. This decreases the consumption of hydraulic fluid, reduces the potential for equipment breakdowns, minimizes environmental damage, and helps prevent fluid release incidents. As a result, FluidSafe is ideal for preventive maintenance programs.

For more information or to see a demonstration contact me at mike@mccassoc.com or 302-521-0125